Gizadget™ Solar Lantern Humidor


Gizadget Solar Lantern

Silicone bottle: lightweight, foldable, heat resistant, waterproof, protects up to 7 Churchill cigars or other valuables. Included humidification device makes it a portable humidor!

Power bank: charges cell phone, laptop, tablet, camera, etc.

3 LED light modes: bright 100 lumens, low 50 lumens, flashing. After full charge bright lasts approx. 10 hours, low lasts approx. 20 hours.

Flashlight: top can be removed and used as flashlight or flashing emergency beacon.

Custom printing: contact us for pricing on custom printed lanterns. Add your logo, promote your brand!

Quantity Discounts available to resellers. Please call 1 800-321-1223.

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