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Plastic Bag Recycling

Plastic Bag Recycling and Reuse Tips

Store all of your plastic bags in one location, away from small children, until you can reuse or recycle them.

Find new ways to use plastic bags such as:

  • Covers for wet items (umbrellas, shoes, bathing suits)
  • Pet waste cleanup (take a bag with you during a dog-walk; keep bags near a cat litter tray).
  • Use bags to protect your hands from messy household jobs in the garage, yard, or kitchen.
  • Use bags in the kitchen for easy scrap clean up.
  • During travel, wrap shoes, shampoos and lotions in bags to prevent soiling clothes.
  • Use plastic bags in crafts such as crochet projects or rope making. (Check out for really great plastic recycling projects…fun for kids!)

Remember to use your city’s curbside recycling service, if available, and pay attention to what you put in the bin!