Humi-Zip Reclosable Humidification Cigar Bag 4 MIL – Pack of 100

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Humi-zip Reclosable Humidification Cigar Bag – Pack of 100

The ultimate freshness and protection. Cigars stay fresh for an average of 30-90 days. We achieve this by using a high barrier laminated Nylon/Poly film. Each bag comes with a small re-usable humidification device to ensure maximum freshness. Redesigned and featuring round corners. Bag can hold 4-6 cigars, depending on ring gauge size. The dimensions of the bag are 6″width x 9″length.

This bag can be purchased open at the bottom so you can add your own device and heat seal it in your store or we can do that for you.

Type: Single Track Zipper Locking
Material: Laminated (Nylon/LLDPE)

Product is reusable and recyclable
Print Design “Humi-Zip”

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