Humi-Zip Reclosable Humidification Cigar Bag 4 MIL – Pack of 100


Humi-zip Reclosable Humidification Cigar Bag – Pack of 100

The ultimate freshness and protection. Cigars stay fresh for an average of 30-90 days. We achieve this by using a high barrier laminated Nylon/Poly film. Bag can hold 4-6 cigars, depending on cigar size. The dimensions of the bag are 6″ x 10.5″.


This bag is open at the bottom so you can add your own cigars and then heat seal the bag with contents in the store.

ITEM # W x L1 Case5 Cases10 Cases20 Cases30 Cases50 Cases
6" x 10.5"$43 Per Case$41 Per Case$40 Per Case$37 Per Case$32 Per Case$30 Per Case