MINIGRIP GREENLINE Biodegradable Reclosable Zip Bags – Case of 1000


Minigrip® GreenLine™ Biodegradable Reclosable Zip Bags – Case of 1000

Minigrip® GreenLine™ Reclosable Zip Bags are ASTM D5511 tested to be biodegradable and offer the same great zip lock performance as traditional Minigrip® Red Line™ Bags. Tested to biodegrade 15% within one year per ASTM D5511 test results!


  • Every part of the bag is biodegradable – film material, zipper material – EVERYTHING.
  • Same great performance of a Red Line™ Bag – but biodegradable.
  • Made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE).
  • Available in a range of sizes for use with everything from food and jewelry to industrial storage.

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ITEM # W x L1 Case5 Cases10 Cases
GL00222 X 2$17 Per Case$14 Per Case$12 Per Case
GL00232 X 3$24 Per Case$20 Per Case$17 Per Case
GL00343 X 4$40 Per Case$33 Per Case$28 Per Case
GL00464 X 6$45 Per Case$40 Per Case$34 Per Case
GL00575 X 7$54 Per Case$48 Per Case$41 Per Case
GL00696 X 9$68 Per Case$60 Per Case$53 Per Case
GL09129X12$97 Per Case$87 Per Case$77 Per Case